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Be confident that your
payroll is provided timely
and accurately with Smallwood Financial.
Our comprehensive training and support for online payroll service, offers a convenient way to process payroll, view reports, and manage taxes at any time from any computer with Internet access. Our product is efficient and simple for our clients to readily implement and use.
We provide our clients with the tools and resources needed for success in both strong and challenging business environments. 
Smallwood Financial views each client as unique and personalizes our approach to most effectively meet your ongoing Human Resources needs.
Learn more about how Smallwood Financial
can help you benefit from implementing an automated payroll system.
Automated payroll calculation cuts preparation time for employers by up to 80%. The Smallwood Financial automated timekeeping system is designed for small to mid-size businesses and saves our clients considerable time and money.
We work with our clients to develop and customize retirement and health plans that are expertly suited for your company.
Our advisors access a wide-range of retirement and health providers determined to generate the best cost and fit employee benefits.
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